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Download the DTS-2077 Product Manual

Winner of the “Best in Test” award from Test & Measurement World, the WAVECREST DTS-2077 provides the picosecond accuracy, femtosecond resolution, low noise floor and high-speed needed for the rapid characterization of semiconductor devices in the time, frequency and modulation domains.

The DTS-2077 helps design and characterization engineers fully analyze all aspects of jitter and other critical timing parameters of high frequency clocks and data communication devices, including pulse width, phase, propagation delays, rise and fall times, and period and frequency jitter components.

Operating either synchronously or asynchronously, the DTS-2077 is ideal for both stand alone benchtop operation and integration into ATE systems for use in production. The DTS-2077 permits 100% correlation of characterization and final test by directly supporting both applications.

Timing Characteristics:

Frequency Range

0.4Hz to 1300MHz

Maximum Data Rate



Minimum Pulse Width



Jitter Noise Floor

< 6ps rms (3ps rms typical at cal frequency) (1)


Jitter Measurement Accuracy

< 2ps (2)


Hardware Resolution



Time Measurement Range



Frequency Measurement Range



Time Base Accuracy



Time Base Stability (Short Term Aging)


Voltage Performance:

Input Range



VREF Accuracy

±(1.0 mV+0.05% of setting)


VREF Resolution




(1) Jitter Noise Floor is the minimum Jitter measurement that can be made. This measurement is an accumulation of several jitter frequency components and their effect on the measurement in question. The Jitter Noise Floor measured is less than 1ps.
(2) Jitter Measurement Accuracy is a function of the hardware's measurement repeatability.

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